Our all natural olive oil based emulsifying system generates biomimetic, skin-compatible liquid crystals that act as a delivery system that allows plant based ingredients to penetrate deeper into the dermis for a more targeted and effective result.

Skin Water Management

Non-compatible lipid compositions may cause instability in the skin barrier.

The result is Trans Epidermical Water Loss.

Olive Liquid Crystals physiologically integrate into the skin barrier to reinforce its integrity.

The result is Water Retention.

Liquid Crystals Mechanism

Our unique combination of organic Cretan Olive oil with the olive oil liquid crystals special structure was carefully incorporated in our formulas to bring to you optimal benefits:


The dermocompatible liquid crystals are similar to the lipids of the cutaneous barrier. Thanks to their restructuring properties, they prevent the signs of the time giving tonicity and elasticity to the skin.


The skin barrier function protects from excessive trans-epidermal penetration of foreign particles to the skin. Our Olive liquid crystal complex has been shown to increase the skin barrier integrity to prevent foreign particles to penetrate and trigger irritations.


The Olive liquid crystal complex dermocompatibility promotes the physiological penetration of active ingredients and the binding with their targets in deeper epidermal layers.


Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the Olive liquid crystals’ efficacy in increasing the integrity of the cutaneous barrier to ensure maximal protection from harsh environmental insults.


The Olive liquid crystals are organized in molecular structures that mimic the lipid configuration found in the skin. This is a unique and innovative property to promote skin luminescence by mimicking nature’s way.


The Olive liquid crystals act as biomimetic restructuring agents to restore the skin barrier function integrity. This leads to an increased and sustained skin hydration.


The use of Olive liquid crystals enhances the efficacy of UV-filters thereby improves protection against UV rays.